Thursday, August 23, 2007

A small confession

So I have many addictions - to purses and shoes and generally anything pretty. About 5 years ago I got introduced to Stampin Up! by a friend and I loved how I got a immediate sense of gratification from making a pretty card. Well after many years of being a faithful Stampin Up customer, I heard about this fabulous community called Splitcoaststampers. Well, this sounded like fun, sign me up! WOW, I had no idea what I was getting into.... the tutorials and resources and of course all the fabulous cards that are uploaded. I was in heaven. Then I started to notice that people where loading cards that didn't always have SU products in them and a whole other world started to opened up to me. Whipper Snapper and Inky Antics, Memory Box and Stamping Bella, I was on a roller coaster that I never wanted to come down from. THEN the embellishments started......this is where my small confession comes in........I LOVE ribbon. I can't seem to get enough ribbon, thin, wide, velvet, satin - oh my, it is the best embellishment ever in my opinion. And I can't part with it. I just love to go to my craft area and just sit and stare at all the pretty colors and patterns and textures. I go to the craft store and buy more ribbon. And today I ordered even more from a fabulous site I stumbled upon. Hmmmmm, I wonder if I need help - is there a ribbon addicts club out there somewhere?? LOL

Tomorrow is orientation at Middle School and class postings for Elementary. Only another 11 more days before all 4 kids get back to school and then hopefully I will be able to get more posts on here. And a blog candy contest - how cool would that be???


UK MUM IN USA said...

Don't worry I have the same problem as you, I think it is called ribbonitis!!! I stare at my ribbon too and can't seem to help myself, I even had dh make me a rack for my ribbon but he never caught ribbonitis!!!

Ijsbeer said...

Hehe. I haven't come that far yet but thats just because I just started out. Love these Ribbon Organizers though. I don't even own one whole spool yet. Maybe its best one to start? lol

Jaspere said...

OK so tag, you're it! I tagged you - just go read my most recent blog entry and you will see what you're supposed to do. Hope you decide to play.